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Daily deal script inspired by Groupon.

Start your daily deals site with Claydip’s Groupon clone


Groupon Clone is a branch of e commerce technology that deals with the act of buying in groups. This come of age technology not only overcomes Geographical barriers but also helps customers to get products easily that they are looking for. The daily deal system rules out travel time and lowers product costs. The software consists of a daily deal website with powerful features that catches the attention of visitors immediately. Groupon Clone encourages the idea of buying and saving together..


Groupon Clone holds N- number of daily deals packed with innumerable features and these deals are available with a lot of discount coupons too. These deals when viewed by visitors become extremely irresistible and they become very keen to press the buy button. The deal goes live once a minimum number of visitors sign up for the Groupon Clone software. The customers can either keep the deals with themselves or gift them to their dear ones in the form of coupons.


There are many who benefit from Groupon Clone. Be it site owners, merchants and of course customers all gain by using this clone. A happy feeling is created for customers as they feel fantastic to shop as they are able to save more at the same time. It is a big hit with merchants and store owners for the daily deal script who exhibit their products on the website.


Our expert technical team will set up the deal software in your domain free of cost within 24 hours.

Completely Customizable

Customization is extremely easy now. Customize the design as aspired and make the site more enthralling.


We throw in an advantageous app where all the deals will be posted and can be purchased from Facebook itself.


Just for an internet business, it really is more vital for an administrative to understand the position as well as ratings of their domain in the network, and after that simply they are able to assess the website position as well as react properly.


Innovative plug-ins and other user friendly add-ons on the deal software will be made aware through e-mail for the next 5 years.



The common gateways that are integrated are paypal standard and paypal pro.


A unique coupon code is generated and customers can manage their own coupons.


Now a days social sharing plays a vital role. Claydip formulated a simple and powerful feature, social login connectivity. Easily you can connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc.


Mobile phones are momentarily used for everything and so our skilled development team provides mobile compatibility free of cost.


Everyone feels spiritless to use the same theme for a long time.


Dip Deals page load time is very quick. Not wait for long time. It will help you in page load time and improve your se


Along with oven-ready email layouts, a special function, assists admin to alert his customers faultlessly. Hence making conversation easy and convenient, efficiently via e-mail templates.

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