Airbnb Clone

Claydip's airbnb clone is developed using latest version of Laravel php framework, which has many notable features like responsive design, advanced room search, google map location panning, listing fees(you can set the listing fees if you want via admin panel), sendinblue integration, advanced properties and listings management and comes with 100% source code.

Update: We added the below Latest Features To our Script

sendinblue integration [We only have]
Image and icon Settings
Label Management
Image Approval System [WE only have this]
Document Approval
Profile Image
Multi cancel Policies like airbnb
Instant Approval system
Custom Price Management[Chargeable customization ]
Discount Module [chargeable customization]
Multiple Image upload in single time
Booking Availability calendar for hosts
List by property types in landing page by settings in Admin panel
Rating Icon management

How does the Software work?

Claydip's airbnb clone works exactly same as the Airbnb. As you know Airbnb is an exclusive online rental booking spot where hosts who has space for rent meets the guests who are on the look out of a accommodation during vacation. The users who have space can list it in the site at a fixed rent for the travellers view. But our software allows you to create multiple business models like car renting, yacht listings, villas, travel comparision sites and many more related to it. We can customize our script to whatever business model you need. You just need to tell us your requirements.

The Birth of Airbnb Clone

Claydip's works on any innovative idea that has the potential to make technology take a big leap which in turn shall provide maximum value to all our clients. The idea to develop the clone of airbnb was suggested by our valued clients and subsequently it got activated. After a lot of research, polling and discussions the concept of software was successfully test fired.

The success factor of Airbnb

Airbnb reported a phenomenal success showing huge potential in the online rental vacation rental booking industry. The use of the software has made revenues surge up and escalate to around $3, 00,000 million by the end of the year 2012 which is a commendable growth for budding enterprises. So it is good to start a Vacation rental business online.

Vacation rental Software- Your ultimate travel solution online

With more and more people getting bitten by the travel bug on one side and a whole bunch of people with surplus spaces that are willing to be let out getting ready the lodging becomes the need of the hour. Our vacation rental software is offered as a one stop solution to fill in the gap posed by such scenarios for both the opposite related communities.

How the Vacation rental business works

Once a traveler books a rental space, you get your commission amount. The fare is revealed in the admin panel and the commission change is however optional.

get a service fare from the host


A commission is earned from one's host to rundown his/her property in your site. The set sum could be paid by method for intelligent administrator board. You can manage this comission percentage in the admin panel settings.

service fare


When an explorer books a rental space, you can secure your bonus sum. The charge is to be outfitted in the administrator board and the commission sum could be changed according to comfort. You can also set it Active or inactive in the admin panel.

Create membership plan and collect a fees


By empowering this choice, the participation add up to be paid while enlisting with clone script of airbnb will be indicated. Henceforth, guaranteeing your client makes a brief installment once he/she enrolls in your site. You can set custom prices for this mode in the Admin Area.

collect a fee for listing the property


The commission is gathered from the host once their property gets busy. With the support of the administration of this clone script, one can mint income sans work. You can enable or disable this feature in the administration panel.

collect a fee for verifying the property


To check the property recorded in your get-away rental script, a specific sum is earned as commission. This passage could be advantageously set by you. However it depends upon your interest whether you want it or not as some people may not be interested in paying for this option.

earn advertising fees


Keeping in mind the end goal to make movement and draw in income to the site and overwhelm the business world, we make a flag administration framework that permits you to change or uproot your standards. However, this is disabled by default, if you need this feature you can contact us to enable it.

Notable Features of our airbnb clone

  • Responsive Design
  • Property Request
  • Property Booking
  • Properties Management
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Google Map Integration
  • Currency Converter
  • Single/Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Pre-launch Mode
  • Private Beta Mode
  • Host Service Fee
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Travel service fee
  • Property Verification Fee
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Calendar Settings
  • CSV Export
  • Enhanced Admin Dashboard
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Site Info Settings
  • Memcached
  • CloudFlare
  • Email Delivery SMTP
  • Property Collections
  • Featured Properties
  • Property listing fee
  • User Registration Fee
  • Activities Management
  • Trips Management
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Notification Alert
  • Bulk Email Option
  • Invite Friends
  • Plug-in friendly
  • Social Network Connectivity
  • E-mail Templates
  • Apache and Nginx engine
  • Google Page Speed
  • Admin Panel Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Site Settings
  • Email Management
  • Member Management
  • User Listing Management
  • Currency management
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Countries Management
  • Maps Management
  • Edit Cms
  • Meta tags Management
  • Facebook Connect Api
  • Twitter Connect Api
  • Maintenance Mode
  • T & c Page
  • Manage Help
  • Cities Management
  • Amenities Management
  • Set Property Types
  • Language Management
  • View Reservation Details
  • Set commission percentage
  • Social Management
  • Set Cancellation Policy

  • Payment Gateway Integrations

    We can integrate any kind of payment gateways in our Software. Currently we Integrated with Paypal. If you want to integrate any other payments gateways for your Country, we will integrate it. We can also develop a auto process payment within system if you need. The auto payment system will automatically transfers the payments to the host after deducting your comission for the property after the host confirms the checkin.

    Why You Should Buy From Claydip

    When you buy a product or service, the main concern is the service and software updates. At claydip We provide One to One support and updates on right time. We provide software updates free for 1 Year. And another important reason why you should use our scrip is because we built our Vacation rental script using Laravel Php Framework. Laravel has the most advanced security features and its the only light weight php framework.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there any Cost for Installation?

    No. We Provide Free Installation

    How much time you will take for installation?

    Mostly we will complete our installation within 20 minutes - 2 hours depending on the hosting you have.

    What are the Hosting Requirements?

    Our Script Supports almost every hosting Providers. But we recommend Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy, Dreamhost, Siteground, AWS, Mediatemple for better performance.

    Does it have Email Automation for Sign Up?

    Yes. We integrated Sendinblue for Email Automations and email Marketing.

    What is the Refund Policy?

    We dont Provide any Refunds once you Buy the script as you get the full source Code. So we recommend you to fully test the script before you Buy.

    Can i Customize the Code?

    Yes. You can customize the code for your needs. The code is 100% Open Source.

    Can i Change the design?

    Yes. you can change the design to your taste. However you should know some coding to do that.

    What are the Payment Gateways supported?

    All Payment Gateways are supported with our script.

    Do you Provide Cutomizations?

    Yes. We provide customizations to your Needs.

    Is the code encrypted?

    No. The Code is 100% open source.

    What about Updates?

    We provide updates, Technical support free for 1 year. If you need to continue with our support after a year, you have to pay for the support.

    What is the Framework used to develop the script?

    We developed our script using Laravel Php Framework.

    What forms of Support you Provide?

    We provide support Via Livechat, Email, Skype and Phone.

    How much do you charge per hour if i need some custom works?

    We dont work by hourly basis. We will give you a custom price based on your requirements. However you dont have to pay anything before for Custom works. You can pay stage by stage for Customizations.

    What about bug fixings?

    We tested our software and cleared all the bugs. However, if you have any bugs with the script, we resolve the issues immediately.

    Does it supports Multi currency and Language?

    Yes. Our script supports Multi currency and Language.

    Can we install SSL to the site?

    Yes. Our script supports SSL. It just take minutes to install ssl in our script.

    If you have any Questions you can mail us at info(at) We will reply your queries within 10-20 minutes.

    View the latest demo of our airbnb clone : Demo

    What our Clients Says

    Komi Olivier - Belgium

    When i bought the airbnb clone from claydip at first, i thought how they will do my customization, but i was amazed. I never seen a company providing the very perfect support and status updates like them.

    Julien Marie - Japan

    One of the best script if you are looking for a business model like Property Listing. The software is perfect as it exactlt met my needs. They integrated any Apis i needed. Kudos for the Work. Keep it Up Guys.

    Kim Ho chan - South korea

    I was referred by my friend to buy the airbnb clone from claydip. It is good to do my project with claydip. I never seen such technical support even from any other big companies. I came as a client to claydip, but now we became friends.

    Arun Selvan - India

    Awesome Script with many Advanced features and built using Laravel Framework. I was exactly looking for this kind of Code. The support was super fast. The returned my mails within 5-10 minutes. Keep it up Guys.

    John Abraham - Panama

    Outstanding support. The web app have many outstanding features more of the other providers dont have. I am happy to work with developers like you.

    Astor Benitez - United States

    I was happy that i preferred to buy airbnb clone from claydip. I never seen a support like this before anywhere. I am very well satisfied with your work. I will definitely refer this company to all. Keep up the good work and continue the support as you are providing now in future.

    Frank Eugene - Switzerland

    Amazing work, perfect support and timely delivery. Keep the good work guys.

    Bendas Victor - Brazil

    Clean work, good support and every people are very friendly.

    Imran Razeed - Israel

    Outstanding support and timely delivery. Very much satisfied with them

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