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Claydip is a unique web services provider with a passionately creative mind to come up with modern technological solutions by delivering powerful tools to our clients that equips them with an extra sensory perception to run successful businesses amidst all uncertainties, complexities, competition and challenges.

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Groupon Clone

Make your website the best and viable shopping destination that people crave to come and shop. We help in creating a group buying site that can make you launch daily deals website very easily. Claydip constantly conducts a pro active research due to which we are able to anticipate the expectations and requirements of existing & future Groupon Clone script. Our customers are therefore able to stay ahead of the competition due to our far sighted approach. This makes their daily deal script the number one in the group buying script market.

Airbnb clone

We provide you with world class products by using a fully customizable vacation script that provides you with an online reservation system. If you are looking to create a website similar to airbnb, you have the ability to do so with the innumerably best features we offer for your benefit. If you desire to run an online business that offers vacation rental software and comfortable accommodations at hotels then we guess you have just come to the right place. You can live your dreams with the support of dipbnb , a wonder Airbnb script.

Dip Multi Vendor

Dip multivendor is undoubtedly one of the leading frontrunners in the multi merchant e commerce software sphere. Our Dip multivendor software is powered with all the expectations that you are actually looking into to create your own niche in the competitive online market place. Yes, Dip multivendor helps you to create an online market platform where multiple vendors can sell their products easily, conduct auctions, and announce daily deals which otherwise would have been practically a whole lot cumbersome.

Dip cart

Dip Cart is the only shopping cart platform built on 100% scalability. The only E Commerce software you would find that is going to help you from the idea stage to raking billions a year in terms of revenues. We make this happen for you without seeking from any help from any new provider. Our software is fully customizable, all the way down to the source code. We can put on the finest details of your store on the site and make it look like a real store. If you are looking for someone to manage your site, including your store then we can certainly help you.

Dip social

Dip Social is the welcome change that is sweeping the world of e commerce business. The tool is the ambitious product of Nexecommerce that is powered with the industry best features to engage with customers and push online sales. It is a boon that greatly influences the buying patterns of end users by establishing social communication. It is one of the most intuitive products that allow visitors to social share products give likes and comment on the products that can convincingly influence other customers.

Dip E-auction

Dip-e Auction is the most distinct auction site that takes your auction business to an entirely new level. The auction site also acts as an ecommerce site so that users can buy their products online, in case they do not wish to participate in the auction process. Dip-e auction comes with 100% source code which allows the users to customize the site according to his requirements. The site comes with SEO friendly keywords to increase site traffic and boost sales.

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